Solo Record Coming Soon!

Dear friends,

These times are special and difficult for a lot of us. Obviously most of my concerts that were planned for spring/summer 2020 have been cancelled. There are some new possibilites to play now and I will do my best to keep the concert section here as updated as possible. But of course that can not be compared to my regular rhythm of playing before the pandemic.

But still this situation can also be an opportunity in many ways. I’m using the free time to work on my first solo album. Soon I will also post its title, artwork and release date. I will upload some videos here for you to keep you updated.

You can already listen to a lot of the full songs on my patreon page ( Over there you can also have access to sheet music, making-of videos and podcasts of mine. Right now, since most of the album is already finished, I’m focussing on sharing livestream concerts for my patrons featuring some of my dearest colleagues. I would appreciate if you would choose to follow and support me on Patreon.

So many things are happening and changing my life right now. Due to the lack of concerts I obviously do teach more now which I also enjoy. If you are interested in taking lessons with me just write me at and we’ll figure it out. Online lessons are also possible.

Thank you to all people who are following and supporting me! Without you it wouldn’t be possible for me to go on leading this creative life that I so love.


Photo by Ines Pizarro Correia