Born 1993 in Duisburg and raised in a small village called ‘Sevelen’ in the lower Rhine area next to the German/Dutch border, Calvin Lennig took up his first electric bass and guitar lessons at the age of 14. During the next years he played bass in mostly Rock and Pop bands. At the age of 16 Lennig started taking lessons with Marcel Grothues who introduced him into the world of jazz music.

In the context of a preparatory course for his music studies in Cologne, Calvin Lennig started to play double bass at 18 and took lessons with Andre Nendza. The very next year of 2012 Lennig was accepted to study jazz double bass at the ‘Folkwang University of the Arts’ in Essen with Robert Landfermann and also took electric bass lessons with Stefan Rademacher. Growing and learning together with his peers at university, Lennig was already involved in a number of projects and had gained serious stage experience before even turning 20.. Calvin Lennig played with the ‘Jugend Jazz Orchester NRW’ from 2014 until 2017. In Essen and the whole Ruhr area a range of bands and connections were founded that Lennig is still part of today (Tim Riddle, Hannes Weyland Band, Jan Alexander Trio, Neptune Kings,…).

In 2017 Lennig felt that it was time to take up a new challenge and decided to move to Cologne. Being in Cologne he was surprised how quickly he got to hang out and jam with all the musicians he had loved listening to when he lived in Essen. By now Calvin Lennig is already an active part of the prestigious jazz scene in Cologne.

Within his first few years as a professional musician Calvin Lennig has already got to play on stage with a lot of his favorite musicians, including people like Seamus Blake, Adam Nussbaum, Christian Lillinger, Ben van Gelder, Paul Heller and Florian Weber. He is constantly on tour throughout Germany and has already played in Argentina, Paraguay, Iceland, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, England, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Lennig has played in prestigious concert halls and clubs all around the globe including Essen Philharmonic, Sky Garden London, Teatro Municipal Asunción, Centro Cultural Kirchner Buenos Aires, Konzerthaus Dortmund, Loft Köln, Jazzschmiede Düsseldorf, Altes Pfandhaus Köln, Domicil Dortmund.